I've been making the internet a better place since 2010 working around as a freelancer or under contract for other companies within the adult film industry.

Internet marketing and having a kinky side led me to performing in scenes on a regular basis.  Eventually I was living every guys dream job and able to support myself as a pornstar in sunny Florida. Flip flops and vagina isn't a bad lifestyle but I wanted a little bit more and started asking owners if I could do other aspects like cameraman, editing, or recruiting models.  Soon I had my hands in a lot of projects and learned how to network with the right mentors.  Now the years have passed and I made my own little digital empire of kink I like to call Chaos Coast Productions. The internet is always changing and growing and i intend on publishing my content on as many platforms as possible.  The MAIN site that I try to post all of my updates and push traffic to is my clips4sale store

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Drop me a line kc@kylechaos.com

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