So a webmaster has to monetize the internet and affiliate marketing is a big piece to this puzzle. With the right optimization, traffic platforms, ad networks, and program offers you can easily form a extra stream of revenue. The best part is that it's all passive income! Listed below are a few of my choices and who I recommend. I suggest you sign up for them all and see how they work for yourselves.  


For offers such as dating and cams I like to use CrakRevenue. They have tons of Ad and marketing tools to help you convert traffic into sales.   

CrakRevenue Affiliate Sign Up

Nobody wants to buy traffic anymore but it should still be taken seriously.  The one company I tend to always rely on sending quality traffic is Plugrush
Plugrush let's you control your campaigns and relaunch them effortlessly for years.  
I literally keep the juice flowing with less then a dollar a day.  

The Next Generation Traffic Network

Buying and Selling traffic and adspace is very big deal right now. Yes even in the year 2016, the internet still rely heavily on ads. Mobile devices are taking over with people swiping and scrolling for hours on end and opening a huge opportunity to monetize. I've recently jumped on board with Juicy Ads to buy ads and sell some of my own traffic. The dashboard is very smooth and lets you target your advertising needs with sniper accuracy.

Traffic Junky is a great spot if you are looking at getting high impressions.  You can literally launch a campaign and refresh the screen and see thousands of impressions within minutes.  A little more advanced but gives you creative power to reach millions.  


It takes a little bit of tinkering to figure out how to "close the loop" with internet marketing but the key is "Content + Traffic = Profit" If you have no clue what I'm talking about and want a little more information, email me at with the words WEBMASTER QUESTIONS in the subject line.